Why choose Tom Warren Photography?

After working for other photographers for many years, I saw issues that bothered clients but were ignored by the photographer. So I made a point of addressing them.


Photography Complaints:

1. Connection – A lack of communication and sensitivity between photographer and subjects. Many photographers are curt and dismissive of family members and bark orders regardless of the subject’s comfort level.

2. Quality – Mediocre images are delivered to the client but few are worthy of an album. Many photographers take a few photos of a scene like a father daughter dance and then walk away to check their phone considering the photos they got as perfectly good.

3. Posing – Many photographers don’t pose their subjects properly at all while some take too long tweaking elbows and chins in group photos. They say, “smile” and are content with the fake smiles they get.


I focus on these areas:

1. Connection – I make sure to treat every family member and guest the way I would want to be treated. That means reading body language quickly and changing my approach if my subject is shy, distracted or getting tired. Grandparents light up when they receive a compliment and a joke to relax them. They feel acknowledged and valued.

2. Quality – I give more album-ready images than other studios. I recognize that magical moments between family members at a party can come and go in a second and I can’t predict when they will happen. So, I stay alert the whole event scanning for any interaction that could be a great image. Then I shoot a lot of images, knowing that just one or two out of 15 images will be the ones you will treasure, and I can filter out the rest later.

3. Posing – You won’t have to pose or hold a smile a lot.  I have a childhood memory of my amateur photographer dad making his 6 small children pose in a cold Pennsylvania river as he took his time trying to get the right shots. We all were miserable and were tired of fake smiling. He seemed oblivious. I see the same thing with modern photographers.

Now, as a photographer myself, I have learned how to pose everyone in a group properly in less than 10 seconds. No one is made to smile for more than 3 seconds and my goal is to create natural smiles on everyone’s face by saying funny things without ever saying “Smile!”.

I have a relaxed vibe and guests comment to the hosts about their positive experience. I work fast and make posed portraits fun. Most importantly, everyone looks great because they are actually happy and are posed in flattering ways. Aside from posed family portraits, I have a hands-off photojournalistic style which is seen in my candid moments throughout the party.

Extras included in the price:

-I show up an hour early to plan my shots 
-You can customize family portraits with a shotlist
-Teaser images are shared within 48 hrs.
-Web gallery of all images within 2 weeks
-All images are downloadable from gallery