Keep your drinks ice cold after 30 hrs

After leaving it in the car overnight on 100 degree days, I was shocked that it was still ice cold the next day - with no ice being added prior.

Handle is very comfy, spout is large, bottle is easy to clean. I'm sold.

Half-gallon size. I keep near my desk or in my car and drink throughout the day.


  1. I've lived in apartments most of my life and have always wanted a sprayer in the kitchen sink to soften stuck dried food on the sides of the sink. I resigned myself to not having one since I couldn't add a hole for a sprayer. Then last year I looked into it again and found a solution. A screw-on sprayer (link:

    Since I have a shallow sink, I removed the extension. The sprayer attached to my faucet and bends in all directions allowing forceful spraying of the sides of the sink.

    And lets be clear, the pulse mode is hard core cleaning power. Just be aware it may bounce off the plate and spray all over you. Ask me how I know.

  2. A scrub brush for the kitchen sink

    I spent years burning my hands in scalding water while scrubbing pots and pans. 10 years ago I received a small scrub brush and it made washing dishes so much easier.

    Now I have a dishwasher but I still need to wash items in a hurry and this brush is worth having.

  3. A countertop dishwasher

    So useful when you rent an apartment and can't install a regular dishwasher.

    I ran mine for a few years with the standard hoses to the faucet connection. But that required manual disconnect and reconnecting for each use.

    Then I got brave with the old plumbing in my apartment and installed a splitter under the sink (I had to customize it since the pipes coming out of the wall were an odd size).

    So much better! And the drain hose runs under the dishrack into the sink.

  4. projector clock 

    Ever wake up at night and wonder what time it is but your phone isn't within reach?

    When I try to fall asleep and it feels like hours before I do, I always wonder what time it is. No more.

    its about a foot tall when projected 6 ft away.

    about 2 ft tall when projected 20 ft.

    its actually red in the dark.

    powered by usb with clock battery to lock time.

  5. Locked out of your car?

    Got a spare key at home but your home key is locked in the car? and you're far from home?

    Never again with this backup key holder.

    Find a level place under your car to mount the holder on top of so bumps don't knock the magnets loose.

    Even better, mount it with an included screw to any hole you find.

  6. Locked out of your house/apartment?

    Not if you have a key in a rock stashed in a safe place outdoors.

    (Don't put near the door in case someone finds it accidentally)

  7. Don't want to keep scrubbing your toilet?

    Or spending lots of money on smelly toilet clip-ons that don't clean?

    Get these two items:


    demo video

    It holds chlorine tablets which water runs over before refilling your tank.

    It requires you to order refill cylinders every few months for $10.

    Instead, you can use the old one and replace the chlorine tablets to last you for years.

    Just cut an opening in the existing holes and slide in replacement tablets every 2-3 months.


  8. Need specific change for drive thru order or a meter?

    Is your change jumbled in your console?

    Organize it and make it easy to get to with this.

    Stick it in a door pocket or extra drink holder.

    Demo video

  9. Wireless car phone charger

    If your phone can wirelessly charge, this device is amazing!

    I never have to charge my phone at night because this charger tops it up when I drive during the day.

    Full charge from 10% in about an hour. I usually put it on at 50% and its at 100% after 20-30 mins of driving.

    It has quick release arms but i found that with a snug grip locked in, I can just push it into place and remove it without fiddling with the release. which is excellent.

  10. Save electricity with motion activated lights

    get lights with magnets/adhesive to mount to refrigerator, shelf in bathroom, back of car, closets, etc. Loom lights up when you walk in and turns off after 30 secs.

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